About Us

TRAK is an audio sharing platform that provides streaming of uncompressed 320Kbps .mp3 audio in its native format. TRAKpages are the core of our platform - personalized landing pages for each song or album you upload. Each TRAKpage showcases your cover art, enabling you to set the mood and appearance of your song's landing page.

In addition to custom playlist collections, the Up Next queue, reposting, advanced track statistics, and timestamped waveform comments, TRAK also enables artists to sell music through their own storefront built into each profile page.

The TRAK Curator Team also features songs in our weekly Artist Spotlight to bring awareness to up-and-coming talent, as well as provide you with the artist tools you need to grow your audience and connect with your fanbase. An example of such is our Follow-To-Download system, enabling artists to provide a free 320Kbps download of their song or album in exchange for a follow on TRAK or another social media platform. All this and more, TRAK's feature-set is constantly expanding, and we'd love for you to grow with us, in mutual support of our mission to empower independent artists.

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